Zone Interdite, M6
Zone Interdite, M6

I'm Etienne, a French Videomaker based in Siem Reap, Cambodia since 2017.

I studied cinema in Paris and worked there as a freelancer during a few years before deciding to move to Cambodia.
The work I do mainly revolves around documentaries and TV reports but I also work on corporate, event and commercial projects.

I have an unconditional love for animals and nature, which led me to travel abroad. I am deeply passionate about humanitarian video projects, this is why I mainly work with NGOs. Cambodia is full of wonders, and it's with my camera on my shoulder that I like to explore it.


Camera operator + Pack Sony FS7 + Osmo II
_____________________________  $400 / day
Drone operator + Mavic Pro II  
_____________________________  $250 / day
Video Editor + Editing Station 
_____________________________  $250 / day
Video Assistant & Translator 
_____________________________ $100 / day